Safety Signs, Labels & Tags

Safety Signs, Labels & Tags

We provide a full range of safety signs, labels, tags, stickers, engraved plates, and many other products here. 

You can select from a full range of materials and prices including:

  • 3mm Dibond Aluminium
  • 5.5mm Corriboard
  • 3mm Corriboard
  • Foam PVC
  • Vinyl

All our signage comes fully laminated to ensure that it has longevity and holds up to weathering. We do however offer an un-laminated corriboard for cheaper temporary signage. 

For long lasting outdoor and industrial signage we recommend 3mm Dibond Aluminium with a fully laminated finish. 

Labels are available in Vinyl, paper or polyester depending on requirements and regulation in the relevant area.

Our mini safety signs come in engraved ridged plastic with a double sided tape and are ideal for quick application around the office. 

We also quote for large corporate orders, and if you are unsure or want some guidance on what your business requires then perhaps one of our free safety sign and equipment audits is for you. You get more information at the following link:

***If there is any type of signage you require that you cannot find here please e-mail us on or telephone +353 (0)61 513077 and we will provide you with an immediate quote. Prices for bespoke signs are generally in line with signs featured here and will only vary if very intricate graphic design work is involved. ***