Field Numbering System

Field Numbering System

As farm size gets ever larger efficient administration is one of the keys to successfully running your agricultural enterprise.

You do not want the wrong field to be fertilised, topped, harvested or ploughed as it could lead to a significant financial cost, loss of grazing area and winter fodder.  

With our field numbering system we make it easy for you to give direction to both contractors and employees. 

The field numbering system also enables efficient record keeping matching a unique Farm Name and Field Number to records such as grass yield, soil fertility, slurry treatments, and maintenance. 

What we do

We create a unique map of each of your individual farms including it's name and a reference number for each field. This map is created from satellite imagery and exactly marks out each field on that farm. 

We then install dibond aluminium signs at the entrance of each field clearly showing it's reference number. Each sign is made from dibond aluminium and fully laminated which means (excluding damage from machinery) that it should have a useful life of 15 to 20 years. All field number signs come with clips for mounting on poles (which we can install as an option for you). 

Finally you can have the option of having a copy of your farm field map installed in a glass fronted frame (similar to wildlife trail maps) at the entrance to each farm. This again is done in fully laminated dibond aluminium so there is no need for glass to protect your map images.

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